Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CSK2 and CSS Applications

This week, I've sort of improoved the CSK of Gareth Heyes, with a few more event handlers, and interoperability with Opera (and menus!!).

This new version is over here:

Anyway, with the research I did, I also found the bast world of possibilities implied on CSS.

Starting from the CSK2, I've developed a game made in CSS with no javascript (anyway, you can only play once).. which currently works on all browsers, except from IExplorer.

I also used this knowledge gathered, to make my final project on the university (it was just making a website.. haha): this works just on firefox (don't tell my teacher, :P)

On some other news, thornmaker and I, where trying to proof that CSS + HTML is Turing Complete, anyway, since we dont have a way to make real loops (evendo we had some ideas about including bindings that include themselves until a condition is made, that could work as recurtion), it "appears" that CSS+HTML is NOT Turing Complete.. anyway, I'll continue investigating to be sure.