Monday, September 29, 2008

Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution < 6.9.176 Multiple Vulnerabilities

Ok so, this isn't the normal type of vulnerabilities I post here (I'm mostly a webappsec guy), but well, I discovered this elevation of privileges on this product of Symantec (Altiris Deployment Solution), and it was fixed a while ago, but I hadn't the chance to post about it.

This was researched with Alex Hernandez from and from

The document explaining the vulnerabilities is here.

And the exploit for the elevation of privileges is here.

This was reported to Symantec ( ), and they had a very quick and fluent communication with us, they responded fast whenever we asked for information, or had any doubts. The follow-up of this vulnerability has been tracked until today, and so the security team of Symantec is the best one we've met.

Symantec released an advisory here:

Sybsecurity released another one here: